PlayFi meets the billions of gamers playing the worlds most popular games (e.g. Fortnite™️, CS:GO™️, League of Legends™️, etc.) where they already are and enriches these mainstream games with web3 features.

By building a layer that allows real time game-data to be extracted from games in a verifiable way, PlayFi unlocks markets worth hundreds of billions of dollars with new methods of interaction.

Examples of the interactions that PlayFi unlocks include:

  • Speculation on any stat from any game

  • Deep prediction markets

  • Trustless digital asset marketplaces

  • Greater audience participation for eSports and streaming

  • Permissionless and provably fair peer-to-peer competitions

  • Deeper statistics for the most world's most popular games

PlayFi is changing the gaming space forever and these are just some of the gApps (Gaming Apps) that are enabled by our decentralized AI data-processing technology.

PlayFi Protocol Summary

The PlayFi Protocol is comprised of 2 key components:

  • PlayChain - A fast, modern and low-cost ZK Stack EVM chain allowing rapid transactions with almost no fee.

  • PlayBase - A decentralized AI data processing and data storage network powered by modular nodes.

Key Stakeholders

  • Players: Play the games you already love now enriched with more features and ways to engage.

  • Node Operators: Earn rewards by powering The PlayFi Protocol.

  • Developers: Build gApps for the games that are played by billions of people.

  • Publishers & Studios: Enable builders to augment your game to drive interactivity and viewership without compromising your core product, and reduce costs with PlayFi's decentralized edge network.

PlayFi is not affiliated with Fortnite™️, CS:GO™️, League of Legends™️, Call of Duty™️, Apple Pay™️ or PayPal™️.

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