PlayFi Token

$PLAY is an upcoming utility token releasing via airdrops later in 2024.

The $PLAY token is core to the PlayFi Protocol acting to power PlayChain and secure PlayBase.

The $PLAY token serves the following functions in the PlayFi ecosystem:

  • Secures the data layer through modular nodes running Proof-of-Stake consensus

  • The native gas token of PlayChain

  • The medium of exchange token for gApps operating on PlayChain

  • Underpins the economic loop of PlayBase

$PLAY flows from PlayChain users to node operators via the following mechanism:

  • Users pay $PLAY fees to gApp creators when interacting with a gApp

  • gApps pay $PLAY to Oracles to access data

  • Oracles pay $PLAY to nodes to access data

Staking $PLAY

Those operating a node will be able to stake $PLAY against their node to earn rewards.

Holders of $PLAY that don't operate a node will be able to select an exisiting node operator to stake with for a fee.

Those staking $PLAY will receive rewards in esPLAY which can be burnt for $PLAY with faster unlocks receiving less $PLAY.

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