Those operating nodes may be eligible for airdrop rewards.

PlayBase Modular Nodes

PlayBase is powered by decentralized modular nodes that can be operated by anyone on most personal computers. Each node contains 4 individual modules that can be toggled on/off based on the hardware capabilities of your machine. Those who would like to run a node but don't want to use their own machine will be able to utilise a Node-as-a-Service platform.

These 4 modules are:

  • AI Module (Suitable for machines with reasonable compute power)

  • ZK Module (Suitable for most machines)

  • Storage Module (Suitable for machines with available storage)

  • Coordination Module (Suitable for most machines)

Types of Modules

AI Module - Ingests raw external data for processing into a storable format. These modules run artificial intelligence models trained on specific relevant data (initially and most often this will be game data, but technically any model training is supported) and use neural networks to extract, tag, and output specific key elements of that data. These neural networks also detect context and validity of the incoming raw data.

ZK Module - Uses zero knowledge circuits to create proofs which validate data integrity for external queries. These proofs also validate the result of the query to ensure it is provably correct without exposing the data.

Storage Module - Stores processed data in an indexed and compressed NoSQL format. Ensures data accessibility for proofs and queries from the ZK Modules.

Coordination Module - Acts as a consensus layer to ensure other modules are in alignment and enforces slashing as appropriate. Also facilitates communication between different modules and external requests.

Node Rewards

Those operating nodes will receive $PLAY.

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